Help Paying for SAMSCA® (tolvaptan)

Help paying for treatment

Copay savings are available to eligible patients with commercial insurance. You may be able to receive treatment and pay only the first $10 of your insurance copay and coinsurance deductibles.* Copay savings are applied when your prescription is filled at a specialty pharmacy.

See a list of specialty pharmacies.

Get BridgeRx support

The BridgeRx program can help you get SAMSCA during a time of transition. If there is an anticipated delay in getting your prescription of SAMSCA, BridgeRx provides a limited supply without charge to you or your health insurance. Your SAMSCA treatment will be delivered through a specialty pharmacy.

*Otsuka will pay up to a maximum of $5400. The copay savings are applied directly at the time the prescription is filled at the pharmacy, and the patient will be informed of his or her out-of-pocket cost obligation after the copay savings are applied.

Please note: Product provided under BridgeRx may not be sold, resold, billed, or otherwise reimbursed.

Learn about patient assistance

If you don’t have health insurance or can’t afford your prescribed Otsuka medication, the Otsuka Patient Assistance Foundation (OPAF) might be able to help you get it at no cost to you.

OPAF is a nonprofit organization that assists underinsured and uninsured patients who have been prescribed Otsuka medications. There are specific eligibility criteria that applicants must meet prior to their approval for assistance. It’s important to note that Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. does not control or influence how OPAF distributes funds.

Go to to learn more.

For more information, call OPAF at 1-855-727-6274, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM eastern time.