Find a treatment location

Local Care Centers (LCCs) are alternate treatment locations that administer ABILIFY MAINTENA and may be more convenient for you.

LCCs may be retail pharmacies, urgent care clinics, dialysis centers, or infusion centers in your neighborhood. For inpatient providers, LCCs help bridge the gap between discharge and the next injection. For outpatient providers, LCCs provide more options for patients by offering convenient locations and flexible times.


Support at every step from the Integrated Pharmacy Network (IPN)

Otsuka formed the IPN to ensure that you have the support you need, when you need it. The network connects patients, their care partners, and the prescribing team with retail and specialty pharmacies that are carefully chosen for their expertise within the mental healthcare system.

During treatment, pressing needs can sometimes arise. The practical experience of our trusted IPN pharmacies is there to support you. Find an IPN pharmacy to help answer your insurance questions and support you with concerns you may have.


Prior authorization support

In order to serve patients at every step, the IPN was created to help remove potential obstacles in engaging with trusted pharmacists. A prescription sent to an IPN is all it takes for a patient to receive this support. Find an IPN to access services, including prior authorization (PA) and appeals support.

Otsuka also collaborates with CoverMyMeds to help the creation and management of PA requests. Log in to an existing account or create a free account to seamlessly submit, track, and manage PA requests.

Don’t have an account?
Create one on CoverMyMeds.com.

For in-person support, contact your local Patient Support Manager (PSM) at 1-855-242-7787.

Coding and billing information

If a patient’s health insurer requires that ABILIFY MAINTENA be reimbursed through a buy-and-bill option, Otsuka Patient Support can research and provide specific coding information for that health insurer.*

Buy-and-bill option

If you’re required to utilize a buy-and-bill option, you can receive ABILIFY MAINTENA through a specialty distributor.

Otsuka has two authorized specialty distributors:

Besse Medical
Phone: 1-800-543-2111
Fax: 1-800-543-8695

Phone: 1-855-477-9800
Fax: 1-800-371-3963

Wholesale options may also be available. Additionally, your site may qualify for reduced-price medication through the federal Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP) program.

*This resource is provided for informational purposes only and does not guarantee that billing codes will be appropriate or that coverage and reimbursement will result. Providers should consult with their payers for all relevant coverage, coding, and reimbursement requirements. It is the sole responsibility of the provider to select proper codes and ensure the accuracy of all claims used in seeking reimbursement. This resource is not intended as legal advice or a substitute for a provider’s independent professional judgment.

Help paying for ABILIFY MAINTENA

Patients with commercial insurance may be eligible to receive treatment for as little as $10 per month with the ABILIFY MAINTENA Savings Program.†‡

Download or print a Savings Card and you may be eligible to start saving on your ABILIFY MAINTENA prescription by taking this card to your next injection appointment.§

If you don’t have insurance or have inadequate coverage, apply for additional assistance through the Otsuka Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc.

Patients are ineligible for the copay program if they do not have a commercial insurance plan or if prescriptions are paid for in whole or in part by any government agency or benefits plan.

Exclusions apply. No cash-paying patients or patients with federally or state-funded insurance.

§Conditions apply. Click to view.

Patient forms

These forms can be used with an Integrated Pharmacy Network, Local Care Center, or another selected outpatient care site.

Continuity of Care Form

The Continuity of Care Form can be used to support patients' transition to their next site of care.

Prescription Form

The Prescription Form is for patients who need to have an ABILIFY MAINTENA prescription filled and/or administered.

Sample Letter of Appeal

The Sample Letter of Appeal can be used to help resolve a prior authorization denial for an Otsuka product.

Helpful Links and Resources

Use the resources listed below to connect with local community services.||

Education & advocacy

Financial assistance

Government programs

||These are independent third-party organizations that may offer services or support that are relevant to appropriate patients. These organizations are neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Otsuka Patient Support.