We’re here to support patients, their caregivers, and their prescribing team

Whether you’re looking for a Specialty Pharmacy, need help paying for Otsuka medications, ...Read more+want to check insurance, or require support for your Otsuka prescribed medications, Otsuka Patient Support and our dedicated team members are here with a wide variety of patient-focused tools and resources for patients, their caregivers, and their prescribing team.

Resources for Patients and their Prescribing Team


Commercial Copay Savings Program

Copay savings is available to eligible patients with commercial insurance so that they pay only the first $10 of their insurance copay and coinsurance deductibles.*


*Otsuka will pay up to a maximum of $5400. The copay savings is applied directly at the time the prescription is filled at the pharmacy, and the patient will be informed of his or her out-of-pocket cost obligation after the copay savings is applied.


BridgeRx can assist in preventing gaps in therapy. It provides a limited supply of SAMSCA without charge to the patient or the patient’s health insurance if the Otsuka Patient Support program anticipates a delay to dispense SAMSCA.*

*Please note, product provided under BridgeRx may not be sold, resold, billed, or otherwise reimbursed.

Apply for Additional Coverage Support

For patients without adequate insurance coverage, there may be additional assistance available through the Otsuka Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc.

Additional Online

Connect with local community support services that may provide additional social, emotional, and financial support,

*These independent third-party organizations may offer services or support that are relevant to appropriate patients. These organizations is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Otsuka Patient Support.

Resources for the Prescribing Team

At Otsuka, our goal is to provide exceptional support when and where your patients need it. Our dedicated team of care specialists work with the patient and their treatment team to ensure access to treatment including coordinating transition of care plans, arranging transportation to and from a provider, resolving coverage and copay issues, and more.

How can we help?So how can we help? Here's one option:

Patient Support
Managers (PSMs)

PSMs are focused on providing in-person and ongoing support for your patients, to help ensure their access to prescribed treatment. PSMs can help you:

  • Understand the range of support offerings so you can help your patients choose the options that are best for them
  • Review coverage and access options for each of your patients
  • Help with patient-specific access matters, such as benefit verification follow-up and hospital discharge support
  • Connect patients to resources to help support continuity of care

Patients — Contact us at 1-855-242-7787

Whether you’re a patient, their caregiver, or part of their prescribing team, Otsuka Patient Support team members are available exclusively for you at 1-855-242-7787, Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM (EST), excluding holidays.

To report an adverse event or product quality complaint, please call: 1-800-438-9927