JYNARQUE® (tolvaptan) Treatment

JYNARQUE Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) Program

The JYNARQUE REMS Program was set up for your safety. You can work with your doctor’s office to enroll in the REMS program. For more information on the required blood work while taking JYNARQUE, go to JYNARQUEREMS.com.

Find a REMS-certified doctor

Your doctor needs to be enrolled in the JYNARQUE REMS Program in order to prescribe JYNARQUE. This safety program was set up to help reduce the risk of serious liver injury for people taking JYNARQUE.

Locate a doctor who is currently enrolled in the JYNARQUE REMS Program.

Working with a specialty pharmacy

JYNARQUE is available exclusively through 3 REMS-certified specialty pharmacies. Specialty pharmacies are different from traditional pharmacies. Unlike other medications that are picked up in traditional pharmacies, JYNARQUE will be delivered directly to your door by a specialty pharmacy.

Many specialty pharmacies also offer clinical and educational support, help with taking JYNARQUE, and reminders about lab tests and refills. Remember to save your pharmacy’s phone number so you don’t miss their calls and can easily reach them when you have questions. Pharmacies are open 24/7 and translators are available upon request.