We’re here to support patients, their caregivers, and their prescribing team

Whether you’re looking for a Specialty Pharmacy, need help paying for Otsuka medications, ...Read more+want to check insurance, or require support for your Otsuka prescribed medications, Otsuka Patient Support and our dedicated team members are here with a wide variety of patient-focused tools and resources for patients, their caregivers, and their prescribing team.

Resources for Patients and their Prescribing Team

Financial Support

Get JYNARQUE and pay no more than $10 a month*

JYNARQUE prescriptions are filled by what’s called a REMS-certified specialty pharmacy, which delivers the medication directly to the patient anywhere in the United States. We've partnered with the following specialty pharmacies to fill and deliver JYNARQUE prescriptions:

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Because JYNARQUE is delivered directly to your door by one of the REMS-certified specialty pharmacies listed above, simply tell the specialty pharmacy that you’re interested in lowering your out-of-pocket costs and the copay support can be applied directly. For eligible patients, a copay isn’t required to get these savings.

*Assumes one 28-day supply prescription per month. If more than one prescription is filled in a calendar month, you may pay more than $10 in that month. Offer is not transferable. Patients are not eligible if they are under 18 years of age, or are covered in whole or in part by any state program or federal healthcare program, including, but not limited to, Medicare or Medicaid (including Medicaid managed care), Medigap, VA, DOD, or TRICARE. Only valid in US and Puerto Rico. Offer void where prohibited by law, taxed, or restricted. Other restrictions may apply. This program is not health insurance. Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. has the right to rescind, revoke, or amend this program at any time without notice. Your participation in this program confirms that this offer is consistent with your insurance coverage and that you will report the value received if required by your insurance provider. When you use this program, you are certifying that you understand and will comply with the program rules, terms, and conditions.

Apply for Additional Coverage Support

For patients without adequate insurance coverage, there may be additional assistance available through the Otsuka Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc.

Additional Online

Connect with local community support services that may provide additional social, emotional, and financial support*:

*These are independent third-party organizations that may offer services or support that are relevant to appropriate patients. These organizations are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Otsuka Patient Support.

Resources for the Prescribing Team

At Otsuka, our goal is to provide exceptional support when and where your patients need it. Our dedicated team of care specialists work with the patient and their treatment team to ensure access to treatment including coordinating transition of care plans, arranging transportation to and from a provider, resolving coverage and copay issues, and more.

So how can we help?So how can we help? Here are some options:

Downloadable Resources for You and Your Patient

Resources you need to enroll your patient and track their treatment journey:

REMS Support

Laboratory Support

Patient Education Liaisons (PELs)

Patient Education Liaisons (PELs) are nurses that can provide in-person or phone support for appropriate patients and caregivers to facilitate a streamlines process for them to receive their JYNARQUE® (tolvaptan) prescription.

PEL Flashcard PEL Consent Form (English Version) PEL Consent Form (Spanish Version)

Patient Support
Managers (PSMs)

PSMs are focused on providing in-person and ongoing support for your patients, to help ensure their access to prescribed treatment. PSMs can help you:

  • Understand the range of support offerings so you can help your patients choose the options that are best for them
  • Review coverage and access options for each of your patients
  • Help with patient-specific access matters, such as benefit verification follow-up and hospital discharge support
  • Connect patients to resources to help support continuity of care

Specialty Pharmacies

We’ve partnered with a variety of pharmacies that can deliver JYNARQUE directly to you anywhere in the United States. Known as REMS-certified specialty pharmacies, these providers not only deliver your JYNARQUE prescriptions but they also provide educational support tailored to your needs.

Patients — Contact us at 1-855-242-7787

Whether you’re a patient, their caregiver, or part of their prescribing team, Otsuka Patient Support team members are available exclusively for you at 1-855-242-7787, Monday-Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM (EST), excluding holidays.

To report an adverse event or product quality complaint, please call: 1-800-438-9927