Resources for JYNARQUE® (tolvaptan)

Talk to a patient support representative

Starting on a treatment may require additional support. You can enroll in the Patient Experience Liaison (PEL) program to connect with a PEL over the phone to support you as you start on JYNARQUE and throughout your time on treatment. 

A PEL is there to answer your questions about access, insurance or the REMS Program, review treatment access steps, and help you navigate educational resources.

Download the PEL Flashcard for more information on the PEL program.

To enroll in the PEL program, fill out and submit the PEL Consent Form. You can complete and submit your form online, or you can download, print, and fax your form to 1-240-514-3999.

View the PEL Consent Form in Spanish (En Español).

View the PEL Consent Form in Chinese (中文).

After submitting your consent form, your enrollment in the PEL program will expire after 1 year. If you choose to continue enrollment, you will be required to renew your PEL consent form on a yearly basis.

For additional information and support, you can call Otsuka Connect Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM eastern time, excluding holidays at 1-833-468-7852.

Talk to a fellow patient

If you have questions about managing treatment with JYNARQUE, check out the Peer Mentor Program. You can talk to other people who are already on treatment.

Access support services

Patient Support Resources Flashcard
Has more information on all the Otsuka support services available to you.

Patient Consent Form
Fill out this form to enroll in the Otsuka Patient Support Program so you can access support services.

Manage your care with Connect Rx

If you are being treated with JYNARQUE, the Connect Rx by Otsuka mobile app was developed to support you. The app includes:

  • A calendar that tracks and sends reminders for upcoming appointments
  • Messaging that enables you to securely message your doctor and share your calendar, lab results, or life events (if your doctor opts into the program)
  • A Digital Pill Case where you can add and review your medications, and report taken or missed doses
  • Helpful resources with access to relevant educational materials

Download the Connect Rx Flashcard to get information and instructions on how to access Connect Rx.

See more information and resources

Otsuka is here for every step of your treatment journey—your health is important to us.

For more information on JYNARQUE, including how to get started, tips while on treatment, or how you can connect with a peer mentor, go to

To find more information about communities and organizations you can connect with, or to find support and advocacy groups, explore our list of educational resources.