Legal Terms

Otsuka Patient Support™ is provided by Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. ("OAPI") for informational purposes and for the patient’s convenience only and is not intended as legal advice or a substitute for a provider’s independent professional judgment. There is no requirement that patients or providers use any OAPI product in exchange for this information and support.

Providers should consider information and support provided by Otsuka Patient Support, together with their patient’s needs and any legal, contractual, or other requirements that may apply, including payer requirements.

Information and pharmacy-focused support provided to providers by Otsuka Patient Support is solely the responsibility of the pharmacy and its personnel. OAPI assumes no responsibility for and does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of any such information or assistance, including appointment reminders or scheduling, any communication regarding a patient’s provider-directed treatment plan, sites of treatment, benefit verification, or other support.

To report an adverse event or product quality complaint, please call: 1-800-438-9927.