ABILIFY MYCITE Kit® (aripiprazole tablets with sensor)

Working with a specialty pharmacy

ABILIFY MYCITE is only available through a specialty pharmacy. The specialty pharmacy will fill your prescription for the ABILIFY MYCITE® Kit and ship it to your doctor’s office. The kit can also be sent to your home instead, if you and your doctor are comfortable with that arrangement.

The specialty pharmacy is different from a traditional pharmacy. They will call to let you know if your kit is covered by your health insurance plan and help coordinate your care. If, for some reason, your insurance coverage is denied, the specialty pharmacy will coordinate with your doctor’s office and health insurance plan on the appropriate next steps.

For more information, visit ABILIFYMYCITE.com/support or you can contact Orsini Specialty Pharmacy at 1-800-410-8575 or visit their website.